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The first Five Minute Follies was a resounding success!

I would like to thank everyone who came out to see the very first Five Minute Follies, this past Saturday, May 1st, 2010, at the Rotunda in Philadelphia, PA. The house was packed and y’all were so enthusiastic and responsive. Thanks for your applause, your cheers, for singing along with Peter Redmond, for clapping along with Belly Dancer Fatima Bassmah.

And while we’re on the subject of thanks, thanks to all the amazing acts. The abovementioned Fatima and Peter, along with White Elephant Burlesque Society, Nebulous Intent, The Ducks, Singer Songwriter Rasan Allbritton (one of these days I’ll pronounce your name right), Steve Lippe, and writer/director Briana Michelle Cannon and her brilliant cast, all kept the crowd spellbound throughout.

A big time thanks to my talented and tireless co-producer/stage manager, Crystal Why. You were there when I needed you — and more often than not, before I needed you.

The same could be said of the boys in my band, Crazy Man Crazy. Mark Alexander, Brandon Porter and Julian Root are three of the nicest and most talented guys I have ever worked with. Not to get sappy on y’all, but it’s great to have such good friends and artistic collaborators. You don’t often find both in the same place. I am very fortunate.

Finally, let me express my immense gratitude to Jason Neugent, Frank Bellina and Gina Renzi of the Rotunda. We threw you one curve after another and you handled it all beautifully.

And now we must set our sights on the next Five Minute Follies. Once again, the call goes out for acts. Spread the word. Philly has an old school variety show again.

Oh, and… rock on.


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