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Comedian Alejandro Morales

Comedian Alejandro Morales will be performing at Five Minute Follies presents TELLING STORIES, Fri, Sept 28th, 2012 in Philadelphia. Get your tickets here:

Comedian Alejandro Morales

Alejandro Morales has been making people laugh for decades, and in 2010 he decided to start telling jokes. He is one of two black eyes for acclaimed playwright Alejandro Morales, the first being Alejandro Morales of Morningside Heights, who stabbed a child to death over a video game earlier this year. Alejandro’s interests vary due to a difficulty maintaining an attention span, he tries very hard to not blog or tweet if possible, and he is at least one person’s “psycho ex.” Alejandro Morales is a changeling who recently looked up the word “changeling” on and found that he really liked its folkloric and archaic definitions, so he is not going to go back and substitute another word for “changeling” in his bio to reflect what he had originally meant to say. Alejandro Morales is no longer a practicing homosexual; he is very good at it. What he is not good at is writing short bios of himself.

To find out more about Alejandro Morales or to book him for an event, visit

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