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The Lords of Liechtenstein

Lords of Liechtenstein

Acoustic-rock duo The Lords of Liechtenstein was born out of a parental mandate. Dan Rauchwerk had been playing in bands for years when his dad insisted that he include his younger brother Noah in his musical endeavors. “Just let him sit and play bongos or something,” their dad said. “He looks up to you so much.” With that burden of guilt on his shoulders, Dan grudgingly allowed Noah to accompany his solo acoustic sets on bongos. Eventually they settled on the name The Lords of Liechtenstein as it is the only nation that currently can be rented out for corporate functions. It was not until it was too late that they realized that the name carries the unfortunate internet acronym “LOL”.

Over the years the Lords have grown together as musicians, making a once-forced union both voluntary and necessary for their musical survival. Today, Noah’s position in the band includes playing a variety of instruments including ukulele, piano, and assorted percussion as well as singing. Dan’s role has remained the same since their early days; he still is a guitarist and a vocalist. Together, they write songs that in a technical taxonomical sense can be classified as acoustic-rock, but in reality incorporate elements of folk, reggae, and funk. These songs use simple yet catchy melodies to draw an audience in. They then hit that audience with lyrics that are easy to understand, but which provide powerful social and emotional commentary on the world in which they live.

They have brought their music to audiences all over the Northeast in energy-packed live shows which, through the hilarious onstage banter and the fact that the brothers occasionally kick each other onstage, demonstrate a strong bond of brotherly love.

To find out more about The Lords of Liechtenstein or to book them for an event, visit them at MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, or follow them on Twitter.

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