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Joanne Clendining accompanied by Jason Mento

Joanne Clendining will be performing at Five Minute Follies presents SWINGIN’ THE STANDARDS, Sun, April 21st, 2013 in Philadelphia, PA. Get your tickets here:

Joanne Clendining accompanied by Jason Mento

Joanne Clendining started singing when she was 6 years old. She took the stage in small group performances, choirs, and lead roles in musicals. After college, her life took a different turn and her musical endeavors were put on hold. After years of missing music (and years of her husband pleading with her to start singing again), Joanne returned to the music world to share with others her love of singing and performing once again. Her rapport, easy-going personality and musical choices have wide appeal, and there is no denying that Joanne was born to sing!

Jason Mento was born and raised in Southern New Jersey and has over 20 years of experience playing guitar. He earned a Professional Certificate in Guitar from Berklee College of Music. He enjoys playing and learning all types of music, including blues, jazz, rock and classical. Jason is an accomplished performer and has appeared at venues throughout the tri-state area, including Caesars Atlantic City, The Library Restaurant, and the Avalon Yacht Club. In addition to performing, Jason has a passion for songwriting and has appeared on WXPN’s Philly Local show with Helen Leicht. He was also presented the Starliners Network Indie Award for 2011.

After meeting on Craigslist, Joanne and Jason teamed up in 2008 to form the acoustic duo, Acoustic Soul. They are known for their wide variety of music and can been seen at local venues in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area. Both are excited to be performing in Swingin’ the Standards!

For more info visit their website at

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