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Steve Kazlauskas – Echoes of Sinatra

Steve Kazlauskas - Echoes of Sinatra

STEVE KAZLAUSKAS was inspired to become a singer by an exchange of letters with Mr. Sinatra himself. The Ridgefield, CT resident has honed his craft in a way that would have made “Ol’ Blue Eyes” proud. Steve works as a solo performer, and also with big bands throughout the USA. He has performed his show “Echoes of Sinatra” at Mohegan Sun, The Count Basie Theater and various other venues from Vancouver to Los Angeles, and from West Palm Beach to New York. To quote an audience member, “Great performance! This guy really knows how to sing in the Sinatra style, while bringing his own style and voice to the table. It’s not an imitation but a carrying on of the tradition. Great stuff!” Visit Steve on the web at

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