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Comedian Jess Carpenter

Comedian Jess Carpenter will be performing at Five Minute Follies presents TELLING STORIES, Fri, Sept 28th, 2012 in Philadelphia. Get your tickets here:

Comedian Jess Carpenter

Jess discusses his journey thru life as a Gay man who is told he is passable as a str8 dude but does not get it. He is in the beginning of his mid life crisis and is trying to keep a grip on his youth and at the same time have fun with being a respectable middle age guy. Things that use to be easy, like keeping up with slang and music, are throwing him curve balls.

He talks about technology and how it makes life so much better and can be a bit frustrating as well. All this from a white guy who got stuck with the name Jesus to boot. The youngest of 9 kids! Born a Navy brat in the Philippines, Jess ended up in a small town between two malls in New Jersey. His family was not only poor but Born Again White trash… Cars in the yard, house full of trash, both parents and one brother were hoarders, could not throw anything away.

Comedy was not just a favorite form of entertainment for Jess, but a dream. He is finally branching out and honing his skills, turning all the crazy life experiences he has had into a good time for others. He is as clean as you can get in this industry but keeping the edge he needs. Self deprecating and open about his life and outlook, he is there strictly to make you feel good and give you some insight about his point of view.

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