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Hoop Dancer Jenny Hill

Hoop Dancer Jenny Hill will be performing at the CHRISTMAS FOLLIES starring Combs Family Magic, Sat, Dec 19th, 2015 in Philadelphia, PA. Get your tickets here:

Hoop Dancer Jenny Hill

Jenny Hill writes, creates, teaches, performs, and believes only boring people get bored.

Jenny studied multi-hooping and hoop performance with the awe-inspiring Miss Saturn at the New York School for Burlesque, and has been mentored and encouraged by many other skilled and talented hoopers along the way.

She is a Level 2 BodyHoops hoop instructor. She’s been hooping for five years, and performing and sharing the love of hooping with anyone who wants to give it a whirl.

She was the co-creator and producer of Whirligig Hoop Troupe, an all hula hoop performance troupe, and co-creator of Whirligig Hoopers, a hooping community in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

When the opportunity arises she calls out to the super hoopers in the Lancaster area to produce troupe acts as The Spinspiration Hoop Troupe.

Jenny has appeared on stage at variety shows, festivals, fairs, and for school assemblies.

Her acts blend character, humor, wonder, and multi-hooping skills. She’s Super-Freak Geek Girl Jenny Hoopins!

In addition to performing, Jenny offers hoop playshops for children and adults, hoop fitness and hoop dance classes, and a Let’s Hoop Program for school groups and community centers.

If you leave your backyard empty for too long, she may start a Hoopoetry Circus there.

You can find out more about writing/teaching/hoop swirly life online at

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