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Belly Dancer Fatima Bassmah

Belly Dancer Fatima Bassmah will be performing at THE BIG FIVE OH VARIETY SHOW, Feb 7th, 2015 at 8pm in Philadelphia, PA. Get your tickets here:

Fatima Bassmah

Fatima Bassmah performs Egyptian cabaret influenced by Lebanese style belly dance and modern Egyptian dance. Involved in dance for over 10 years, she continues to study under two of the most influential teachers in the Philadelphia area, Habiba and Valerie Rushmere.

She regularly travels to Egypt to increase her knowledge of dance, studying with legends such as Mahmoud Reda and Farida Fahmy during her travels.

Fatima Bassmah is a member of the Habiba Dance Ensemble and performs with the Ensemble at a variety of cultural events at colleges and universities, as well as museums and cultural centers.

Fatima Bassmah is a former member of the Shake Charmers Dance Company, directed by Valerie Rushmere. She enjoys collaborating with the Shake Charmers Dance Company and Valerie’s Studio 1831 on exciting events and performances.

She is a featured dancer throughout the area and appears at a number of restaurants and haflas in the Philadelphia area. To find out where she’ll be next, visit the Events page on her website.

Fatima Bassmah has performed across the tristate area in such venues as: The Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Franklin Institute, International House, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology, the Free Library of Philadelphia, the Shubin Theater, and Stephen Starr restaurants.

Known for her light and playful style and expressive demeanor in her dancing, Fatima Bassmah enjoys dancing at private events such as birthday parties and family events where she encourages audience participation and involving children and adults in the fun.

In addition to studying belly dance, and performing, Fatima Bassmah also runs Philly Raqs – the website for belly dance news and events for the greater Philadelphia area, with over 3000 visitors a month.

To find out more about Fatima or to book her for an event, visit her website at

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  1. Frankie Frankie

    Having recently seen Fatima perform at Najia’s studio show during Najia’s Sahra Saeeda Cairo 2 workshops, I can attest to Fatima’s beautiful dancing and musicality. Fatima likes to play! And it’s obvious she knows her technique. Not just another pretty face, but also a talented artist.

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